Site Flipping

Step By Step Course Shows You
How To Flip Sites For A Profit No Matter
How Bad The Economy Is!

This step by step online course will show you how to flip sites for a profit no matter how bad the economy is.

Surprisingly, it’s not too hard to do if you are willing to do some work and be creative. People are selling sites every day and earning from it and it’s a market that you too can tap into and enjoy an additional stream of income.

You can create yourself a full time income or just some extra cash, it’s up to you. It’s a great source of additional income.

Let’s face it, in this economic climate we could all do with a bit more security some extra income would give us.

Create The Income You Desire

This complete, step by step course will guide you through the entire process of site flipping. It will take you from the beginning of finding ideas, through to what site flipping is, to how to flip a site and maximize your profits.

This course runs for over 2 hours and 15 minutes of 13 detailed videos showing you exactly what you need to know in order to succeed as a site flipper:


1 : Introduction
8m 41s

Be introduced to the world of site flipping and learn why it is a great additional stream of income.

2 : What Makes A Good Flip?
13m 02s

Understand what makes a good site for you to sell for profit.

3 : Do You Keep It?
8m 21s

If your site is earning money, do you sell it or do you keep it? Find out in this video.

4 : Finding Ideas
6m 22s

Learn where you can easily find hundreds of ideas for sites to create to sell.

5 : Where To Sell
25m 02s

Be walked through the best place for you to sell your website for maximum profit with a huge market.

6 : Great Place To Sell
8m 49s

A great place to sell your site where it will be snapped up by hungry buyers quickly.

7 : New Place To Sell
10m 49s

A new and very popular marketplace for you to sell your site for maximum profit to hungry buyers.

8 : Where Not To Sell
9m 13s

See the one place people tell you to sell your site that you should avoid at all costs!

9 : Creating Your Site
10m 23s

Learn how to create a site so that it will sell quickly for maximum profit. Understand what not to do that could wreck your site sale.

10 : Keyword Research
9m 56s

Understand how to find keywords that you can rank for quickly and get traffic from to boost the value of your site.

11 : Traffic Building
8m 18s

An overview of driving traffic to your website ready for you to flip it for maximum profit.

12 : Site Flipping Tips
10m 35s

Tips and advice on how to maximize your profit from each site you flip.

13 : Summary
7m 30s

A summary of the course and advice on how to take your site flipping to the next level



What Makes A Good Flip
Do You Keep It?
Finding Ideas
Flippa Walkthrough
Digital Point Forums
Warrior Forum
Creating Your Site
Keyword Research
Traffic Building
Site Flipping Tips
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Duration: 2h 14m
Lectures: 13
Video: 2h 14m
Level: Intermediate
Site Flipping